Body fat caliper combo with measuring tape user manual with a physical booklet about fat loss consisting of free workout and knowledge to design your diet by FFG!

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Difference Between BMI And Body Fat

  • Body mass index under-measures obesity, and body fat is more important than body mass index.

Note :-

The tape starts with 5 cms instead of 1 cms, there is a very important reason for that. The curved surface, which is between the point from where the tape slides and the point where it is clipped has length of 5 cms. To be able to compensate that, the tape start from 5 cms. There’s no error in the tape.

So how do you measure your body fat percentage with the skinfold method?

You can do so in 3 steps. Pinch, Click and Read. You’ll do so privately or with someone’s help if you prefer sharing that information.
To start with make sure the slide on the curved part of the fat caliper is all the way to the right.

  • Pinch Gently pull the skinfold away from your body. Pull the skin and underlying at away from the muscle tissue.
  • Click It With the fat Caliper in your right hand, place the jaws over your skinfold about ¼” from your left thumb and index finger. Now with your thumb press the fat Caliper until you feel a slight “click”.
  • Read Refer to the male or female chart to resolve your body fat percentage at the intersection of your age and millimeter reading.


About the special Fitness Handbook

In this special book, i have shared my journey of losing 30 pounds on 3 months. Within this journey i have found out many mistakes that i have corrected and in this book i have shared as important point that You’ll consider.

FIRM AND STURDY: This fat caliper is made of strong and durable ABS plastic material so that you don’t have to worry about dropping it and even breaking it.
ACCURATE MEASUREMENT WITH MANUAL : Your personal body fat tester is tested for accuracy by us on different people before selling it to you so that we will help you get the fat loss results you wish to have. And to validate your fat percentage You’ll read the manual that comes with your fat caliper .
COMES WITH A MEASURING TAPE: If you are on the road to lose fat or even gain muscle you wish to have an analog measuring tape to track your progress and stay heading in the right direction!
AN INFORMATIVE FATLOSS BOOKLET: Fat loss is a difficult journey and we keep in mind that as we have went through this stage and so we have compiled some key information in a manual on “how to lose fat” giving you techniques to get unstuck on your road to fitness.
PERFECT GIFT SET FOR SOMEONE YOU WANT TO SEE FIT: Obesity is on the rise in India and we all want to see India to be fit which makes this fat tester with a measuring tape a strong gift set to get our loved ones to reach their fitness goals.